Made-to-measure quality

Every recuperator is precision work. And for this reason the first step is also the most important: accurate calculations of the recuperators features, as the material and dimensioning have to be appropriately conceptualised. And this is the particular strength of Helmut Peiler Montanwärme. Thanks to our many years of experience and our own know-how, we can provide you with accurate advice and design the optimum recuperator for every application.

But it is not only during the design phase that the work of Helmut Peiler Montanwärme is characterised by a high degree of accuracy. We are also able to offer you only the best quality thanks to our highly qualified specialists, meticulous production monitoring and thorough in-house factory acceptance tests. We are of course pleased to assist you with the final step before commissioning and make our specialists available to you in a supportive role on site to oversee the installation.

Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001

Individual First-Hand Solutions

As one of the world’s most expe rienced providers in the field of recuperator technology we know that standard solutions often cannot cope with the difficult re quirement profiles, so that instead special, technically sophisticated solutions are required. We see this as a challenge to be tackled, as we understand our work as being an individual service for our customers. And for this reason an advisory service forms part of our core business. We are only satisfied when you are too.

Energy costs are rising: make use of efficient technology.

Excessive energy consumption is the same as throwing your capital down the drain. And this is an intolerable situation with energy prices rising continually. But this is a situation which can be changed relatively easily in almost all fuel-heated processes in industrial furnaces and incinerators. By returning the heat from waste gases to the combustion process, Peiler recuperators ensure that up to 30 % of expensive primary energy can be saved. And that is not only good for the balance sheet, but of course also for the environment.

Benefit from more than 50 years’ experience: for your work, your business and your success

On July 1, 1968 it was time for a new start: after years of working in the rolling mill of a melting works and holding a responsible position at a firm specialising in recuperators, graduate engineer Helmut Peiler decided to go his own way and founded the company Peiler Montanwärme. His extensive expertise in the field of furnace technology and practical experience of energy saving quickly led to particularly competitive solutions for the operation of recuperators which were successfully used in the steel and aluminium industries, and subsequently also to thermal post-combustion systems.

After his death in 1987, siblings Renate and Christoph Bischoff took over the company as managing partners and continued his success story. This also included the consistent expansionof Helmut Peiler Montanwärme as a high-tech company which uses stateof-the-art technology to quickly and efficiently develop thermotechnical and business management solutions for its customers.

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